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"I received my re-soled Mephisto boots several months back and have been meaning to tell you how pleased I am with the worksmanship.

The soles are brand-new; the boots are polished; the shoelaces are new; the cedar shoe trees are beautiful. I was so happy to see my beloved boots in such a resurrected condition that I almost cried!

Thank you for your excellent work."

Regina M.
San Diego, Ca





Most Mephisto footwear is designed to be resoled. However due to the extensive number of Mephisto styles, there are some exceptions to turn-around time and availability:

Approximately 85% of Mephisto soles are kept in stock for refurbishment orders. Normal turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. For non-stock soles and insoles, refurbishment order completion may take 2-4 months due to lead-time of orders which originate from Mephisto worldwide headquarters in Sarrebourg, France.

Occasionally the original outsole is no longer available, but a substitute exists. Mephisto Resoling will substitute a comparable sole but only after customer approval. In some cases no replacement components exist, usually due to the age of the shoe or if a style has been discontinued in France. In this event Mephisto will return your footwear along with payment.

In any of these cases, the customer will be contacted by a representative from Mephisto Resoling either in writing or by phone. Please call toll-free 1-866-FIX-SOLE with any questions.

Please note that Mephisto Resoling is not responsible for footwear lost on incoming shipment. Customers may be able to add insurance to the postage-paid mailing bag (See your local USPS post office).

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