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"My shoes arrived this date and the restoration was excellent. I am extremely pleased. They are literally like the day I purchased them. Thank you very much for the work and efforts of your staff. They should last many more years."

Eric E.




A combination of the most advanced technology and the world's finest footwear artisans produce the industry's leading comfort shoes. True to its heritage, Mephisto shoes are designed and built to perfection.

This is the reason we utilize more than 140 different operations and take more than 90 minutes to manufacture a single pair of Mephistos. In fact, over 100 hands touch each pair during the manufacturing process. Mephisto shoes are the ideal combination of experience, technology and craftsmanship.

The following refurbishment options are available to extend the life of your favorite shoes, and maximize the Return on Investment in your Mephisto footwear.

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