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Mephisto Shoe Repair

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Mephisto Resole Program: Shoe & Sandal Refurbishment

Mephisto Handcrafted Resoling and Repair


Customer Testimonials


"My refurbished sandals arrived a couple of days ago. They are just like new. You did such a wonderful job! Thank you! Will be sending you my Shark sandals next week. Very happy customer!"

Rick F.

"I don't know what to say. when I sent off my mephisto shoes (a few weeks ago), I didn't expect a miracle. I had worn these shoes all winter long, in rain, snow, dirt, grease, tar, and worse. well, I just got these back and they look literally brand new! I couldn't believe the excellent quality of the repair, just outstanding. Will definitely do more business with your firm in the future."

Peter K.

"Just wanted to let you know that your team did an awesome job. Love my shoes! Like new."

Nels S.

"Your team just did a complete shoe refurbishment for my dad's Mephisto’s and he was blown away by the results. He says they look brand new and the attention to detail (especially the stitching) was perfect. He takes his footwear pretty seriously, too, and I told him I'd let you know about his experience. Please pass along a big thank you from him to your shoe engineers. Thanks again."

Jonathon B.

"I received my refurbished Sharks. Well done. Thanks for putting in the heel stop. They look great! Thanks a lot."


"Sir and Ma’am, got my boots today. WOW. They look brand new. Thank you for making my old boots new again. This was well worth the cost and the wait. AWESOME."


"Thank you so very much for the beautiful refurbish repair you did to my sandals--they are like new! My feet are happy again! I am not to wear flip flops so I am glad to have these back. My other pair of sandals came also and they are like new!"

Nancy F.

"Thank you Sylvia, I received my sandals and they are great! I just wanted to tell you that Courtney Salgado helped me with my order and I really appreciated her assistance. I will be sending another pair in the near future. Thank you again."


"Just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for helping me get my newly re-soled shoes back. They arrived yesterday and look great. Can't wait to wear them around Tokyo. Thanks."

Matt C.

"I just got my shoes back and they are like brand new!!!! Thank you so much!!!!"

Sandra B.

“Dear Mephisto Shoe Resoling Dept., I received my resoled shoes late last week and wanted to write to let you know what an outstanding job you performed on my shoe repair. I could not be happier with your quality work. Thank you so much. I consider Mephisto to be a first class company and look forward to my next purchase.”

Jeffery W.

"Received today. Wonderful job! They look great! And sooner than expected. Than you!"

Bill L.

"Absolutely stunned to receive my refurbished nautic shoes think how close I came for tossing them out! They are just great, what a fine job by your craftspeople.”

Louis M.

"I just received my shoes back today from you and I am extremely pleased with them. They look like new shoes and I can't thank you enough. I never expected to be so happy with them and it was worth the wait. You will be hearing from me again when I need my newest pair resoled. Meanwhile I feel like I have three new pairs of Mephistos instead of two."

Barbara K.

"Customer Service! This is the 2nd pair of sandals that I have had refurbished....Your service is excellent! I am more than happy with the work that was done, my shoes look and feel new again! Your company has an excellent customer service, keeping me posted along the way and making me feel good that I just tossed my favorite shoes in a bag in the mail! I have recommended this service to whomever wears Mephisto! Great work! thanks again!"

Nina S.

"Just a short note to complement the technician(s) that worked on my shoes. It was hard to tell the difference from the new ones I just bought... great job... I'm very pleased and satisfied. Wonderful workmanship! Thank you."

John C.

"WOW!!!!!!!! Just got my shoes back and wonder if you sent me a new pair rather than repaired the old ones...Wonderful craftsmanship with that great and glorious fit... A tad too cold to wear them outside right now but can't take them off in the house.. Thanks VERY much for your wonderful work."

James F.

"Wow wow wow. My sandals look wonderful. I missed them and glad to have them back. Thank you."

Kathryn E.

"The sandals are super! Thanks so much for an excellent job."

Eileen M.

"My Mephistos look amazing!! Great job. Thanks."

Brendan K.

"Received my shoes on Tuesday 6-25-13. They look great and I sure will feel great. I just want to say THANK YOU!"
"Hello Don, I wanted to take a second to thank you and whomever else worked on my shoes. You did a fantastic job. They are as good as brand new. I'll look forward to wearing them for another 10 years! Many thanks!!!"

Tommy C.

"I received my refurbished scandals today––the quality work was beyond my expectations. My favorite well-worn scandals are new again. Thank you for a wonderful job. A customer for life."

J Dennis K.

"I just wanted to thank you and everyone else involved with resoling my shoes. When I opened the box I thought at first, you sent me a new pair of shoes. Now that I have been wearing them for a while they feel great. Very nice job and thank you again for your professionalism in your craft."

Karl R.

"My sandals came back a few weeks ago - they are great - the refurbishment job you do is beyond belief! Thank you! Know I just wish you still made that style, as I would love another pair in a different color."

Carol S.

"Thank you, I received the shoes today and look and feel great! I mailed another pair to you today. Happy New Year!"

Charles L.

"I would like to thank everyone who took part in resoling my favorite Mephisto sandals. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box - they looked brand new! And they feel like brand new also! The level of quality and craftsmanship is incredible. It was as if I was looking at them for the first time at the shoe store I found them in while on vacation years ago in Canada.

This entire experience was even more special because I received them on Christmas Eve during a family gathering at my house, and when I opened the box I was completely speechless. My family said they never saw me so stunned before, and after I caught my breath I explained how Mephisto offers a resoling program. They were surprised also because they've seen me wear these sandals for the past 11 years, and how I wouldn't give them up. These "Elka with backstrap" style sandals are extremely comfortable, and I've gotten so many compliments throughout the years.

I am truly grateful and so happy that you were able to resole my sandals, and thank you all so very much.

Best regards for a very Happy New Year!"

Margaret G.

"Received my shoes today. . .they did a super job. . .like new! Thank you! I really enjoy wearing these shoes."


"Just wanted to tell you that I received my sandals yesterday. They sent a brand new pair. I was shocked but very happy. Your customer service was wonderful! I will not hesitate to order another pair of your beautiful shoes. In today's world, good customer service is rare but greatly appreciated. Please pass my compliments on and I wish all of you a blessed fall and winter season."


"Wow! They look like brand new shoes! Best value ever! Thank you."


"I received my refurbished sandals today. Thank you very much for your professionalism and AMAZING job of refurbishing my favorite sandals. They are everything I hoped for and more. I can't believe I didn't even know that this could be done with the mess I sent you. In the meantime, I purchased another pair in Black (Sam) and it's a toss up which I like better!!!! Thanks for your fantastic sandals, service and workmanship. Have you ever heard the old adage "you get what you pay for". Well guess what, It's true! Thanks again from a "raving fan"! All the best!"


"I just want to say, THANK YOU!! Received my pair of shoes, and they looked absolutely fantastic! Best, wearing these shoes everyday now is like walking on did such a fantastic job. Thanks for a wonderful service."


"Excellent results on my Mephisto refurbishment; I'm so impressed.. Kudos to ALL of you!"

Mary N.


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